Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One of the best joys of being a mother is watching my daughter eat corn on the cob. She will easily eat two of these.
Always a willing helper! After mommy mopped the whole floor Annabelle ate watermelon and got juice everywhere, but she was more than happy to clean it up.

Playing in the garden. Look at those cabbages!

Nothing like freshly tilled dirt....Levi thinks it taste good too.

Snacking on some raisins while we are sponging the bread.

My flowers and Fiesta salt and pepper shakers.

I was surprised when I could eat all of this. Half a PB&J sandwich with a small cup of soup.

Notice anything different about Annabelle?? After her bath the day before when daddy was supposed to be watching her she found a green sharpie and colored all over herself.

Levi sitting in his big boy seat and the table. Always willing to eat whatever momma makes him unlike the other child.