Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall is here!

Fall is here and I love it! Soon, we'll have a new baby too. I've been super tired and trying to get the house in order , not easy with two toddler's though. Shane's been in and out which leaves me with all the work. He has done more than his fair share though when he is here, which makes for a happy momma.
The kitchen has been busy with lots of baking for Levi's Gluten free experiment. And lots of pumpkin pies, I seem to not be able to get enough.
I wish blessing upon all of you and your family's as we welcome this cooler weather.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Levi's two week experiment...

Levi still isn't fully better after being off dairy and soy. While we have slipped and sometimes he has gotten dairy or soy (you can tell when he's had either, it isn't pretty) he still hasn't gotten 100% "normal".

We are going to do a 2 week experiment of taken out all gluten, dairy, and soy from his diet.
I'll be tracking his progress or lack there of at his blog,
You'll be able to see what he ate, his activity level, and of course his bowels daily.

We hope this helps him some while we wait for him to see a ped. GI.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Another update

Tuesday we dropped off the kids and made a trip to the hospital. I started having contractions about 11 am and I decided we better go and see what was going on at 1pm and see if they would stop my labor. Once we got there I was having contractions about a three mins. apart. They hooked me all up and checked me, I was 2 cm dilated. They waited an hour and checked again...still 2cm. So we waited another hour, still 2 cm. Finally they decided to let us go home a little after 6pm. At that point I was having contractions about a minute apart but since I wasn't dilating anymore they decided I wasn't in labor and we could go. Around 10pm that night the contractions stopped.

I've had some contractions since then but nothing like Tuesday. I will be 35 wks Sunday so I am hoping she holds out just a little longer. Here are some pictures of the past week.

Me at 34 wks.
Annabelle and Shane watching the goats.

Annabelle and Levi looking at the chickens.

Levi on a hayride to get a pumpkin

The whole family on a hayride to get a pumpkin

Annabelle in fleece pj's

Levi in fleece pj's

Being goofy. Looks just like his daddy!

Look at his cute

Being Silly

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Belly pic and more

It's been a very busy week here. So much to get ready for and not enough time if you ask me.

For those of you who wanted a belly pic, here you go...self portrait. I had to turn the flash off so it's a little yellow.

Me and my new glasses. The husband liked the red, I'm still trying to get used to it.

Baby Caroline's baby blanket. I've made one for each child so far. Hers is made with a cotton fabric from Japan, and fleece on the other side. Hoping it will be warm for this winter baby.