Thursday, May 1, 2008

The culprit!

The Offender:

The Crimes:

Took all the Kleenex out of the box (it was a large box!) and dumped a bunch of rolls to roll coins.

Took a roll of toilet paper and shredded it outside. along with some toys, laundry soap, and a big yellow piece of paper. In her defense, I put the mop there.

Knocked over the vacuum cleaner, spilled a cup of fruit loops, brought some (clean) diapers into the living room, and a dog leash.

Dumped two boxes of soap over the patio and they landed here, by the water hose....and yes, they are still there this morning. ;)

I spent about 4 hours yesterday cleaning our whole house, finally got finished about 2 p.m. The little girl woke up from her nap and within an two hours had the place looking like this! When she was outside I thought she was playing since I heard her toy, had no idea she had toilet paper and soap out there. I was quietly reading a book in the living room.

The living room got destroyed when I was making dinner. Had no idea until I heard "CRASH" I went in there to find it like that and the vacuum fallen over. The Kleenex issue happened when I was checking my e-mail....I thought she was in her room much for thinking!


Michele said...

Oh dear! :) We've had the kleenex issue happen before! Needless to say, we don't keep a box of tissue in our toddler's room anymore! :)

Have you been to ? We love it for discipline/parenting guidance for our toddler.

It looks like she had a fun day!
Michele :)

Thingish Things said...

Yes, we have had days like that here too! Kate went through a phase of fascination with baby shampoo... :o)