Thursday, September 25, 2008

Re-arranging....AGAIN! Dinning Room

You'd think since we just moved I wouldn't be doing this. But I found after living here for a couple months that the way I had things set up just wasn't working for us. So now, I am in the process of changing just about the whole least the down stairs anyway.

Dinning room
BEFORE: I turned it into an office/playroom...that wasn't working as it would get really messy from all the toys.

Since we have two under two I decided to put a rug down to keep spills onto the carpet a minimum. I was really wanting a bamboo or judo rug but that was way out of my price range ($150-$200) so I settled for this rug which has the color and texture of what I was looking for. Soon, I'll have my husband paint the legs of the table white to match the cupboard and get the "country" look I am going for.
This used to be our "baking cabinet" but instead I thought it would look ultra cute with our dishes in it, plus its close to the table.

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