Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 6, 7, and 8

So far we've just been doing the same things. Although today (day 8) we are introducing someting new (below). So far my sink is still shining, another picture below. And the house is looking much better.

Day 8
Here you are; you have been FLYing for a whole week. I am so proud of you. Lets review your new habits. I am going to break them down into what you do each morning and what you do each evening.
Morning Routine
- Get up and get dressed to lace up shoes; fixing your hair and face- Looking at your posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom- Reading 2 minutes of reminders- Recognizing the negative voices and changing them; YOU ARE FLYing NOW!- Put out your Hot Spots for 2 minutes
Before Bed Routine
- Keep your sink shining- Lay out your clothes for tomorrow- Put out your Hot Spot (I have to do this twice a day) It makes me smile in the morning!
Over the last week we have introduced you to our reminders and the basis of our routines. As you establish these habits it will become easy to add another habit for you to practice.
Today I want you to find an old three ring binder and just put some paper in it. Then at the top of one page write Morning Routine and on the top of another page write Before Bed Routine all in pencil. This is a working document; do not allow your perfectionism to interfere with the process. Now you can write your simple routines on each page.
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