Thursday, February 26, 2009

Monthly Check-Up

$1,000 emergency savings fund
-Fully funded as of 01/21/2009-

3 months emergency savings fund

Pay Off the Van!

-Paid Off as of 02/08/2009-

Serve at least 2 vegetables with dinner every night

I am still working on this one. We are now eating salad with almost ever dinner and at least another veggie.

Walk to the dog for 15 minutes at least 4 times a week-

Ummm...its cold here so this really has only been done a couple times. Praise God we found our dog. She was across the street in their backyard the whole time.

Recycle more and throw away less-

Done as of 01/06/2009 I will try and post pictures of our new system next month....

-Replace all plastic utensils with wood or stainless steel-

Done as of 01/12/2009

-Remove all plastic glassware from cabinets minus sippy cups

Done as of 02/11/2009

Some of the plastic cups that were removed.

One of our cabinets now. The plastics that I will keep are our Bento boxes, baby bowels, produce savers, and small storage containers.

As you can see all the plastic stuff left is the baby cups, food processor, and a veggie bento (bottom shelf, right).


Suz said...

You're definately on it girl! Good job! Keep it up :)

Mrs. B said...