Saturday, August 16, 2008

Found It!!!!!!!

Ok, I finally found the now some pictures..YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Moose...about a month ago


It must be nice when you are so short a shirt can be worn as a dress!

Now, she's walking...and running

Moose as of today...all 15lbs. of him!

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ckl616 said...

Look at those big blue eyes...just like his 'little' big sister! Are your eyes blue or dear hubbies?

Awww, he's adorable! ~ and just a thought here, but please reconsider your calling him Moose....those nicknames stay with children their entire lives! I've seen first hand their effects on grown adults! My DH who is a very, very tall man and quite in proportion for his size, not overweight or fat in any way,still feels the sting of childhood taunts regarding his size...and one of them was 'Moose' - so I'm especially tender to those feelings that kids have to deal with and continue to deal with even when full grown! How about just 'my big, beautiful blue eyed boy!!!' That gives such a sense of being a treasured little one...not one being 'tagged' with a negative from birth thru life....Just a thought to consider. Blessings to you, you must be one busy Momma....BTW - When does your DH get to come home from overseas? Cheryl