Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Update on the homefront...

Well, we are here. Although there are many boxes yet to be unpacked. I found the camera but now can't find the charger :( The babies are growing and Moose a.k.a. Levi is getting big and fast. He now weighs 15lbs. Only 4lbs. away from catching up with his big sister, or should I say older sister because she won't be bigger for to much longer. I promise once I find the charger I'll take some pictures pronto and get them posted.
We've been busy here as our freezers (yes that is plural) died, and that's left us with $2,000 worth of food to clean out. I think only the berries were safe. All the other stuff like 22 half gallons of organic milk and my prized organic pastured chickens went bad. After many tears (mine) my husband convienced me it was ok. It took me several hours to believe him and get over the shock of loosing all the food we've worked so hard to store. With God's help we will have again a freezer full of food...one day.

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