Thursday, January 15, 2009

Babies all grown up...

Ok, well not exactly, but they are getting bigger and more playful. Levi is crawling now and getting into everything!!!!!!!! Which includes paper of any kind (hey, extra fiber right?!?!), oh Annabelle's toys and yes, her hair! She on the other hand is fed up and is always yelling NO at him. Poor guy can never do anything right...must be a guy thing.

Annabelle is a big girl now.

She eats using a fork and spoon...well most times! Drinks water out of a regular cup (if you count 1/2 pint mason jars cups..the are kid size and not plastic).

Levi on the other hand is loving Sarah, and she loves him right back. If she has to choose between Annabelle or Levi it's Levi hands down. Of course, he gently pats her while Annabelle tries to ride her, and drag her by the ears. Her fathers daughter for sure!

They are both watching their reading movie while Sarah sits in Levi's lap..LOL

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