Thursday, January 15, 2009

Super Savings!

This week's shopping trip at Food Lion. Spent $12.50 Saved $39.06

2) boxes pepperidge farms toast
8) jars baby food
4) pkg baby wipes
2) huggies clean team shampoo
1) huggies clean team baby wash
4) nail clippers
2) pkg goldfish
2) pkg donuts
frozen yogurt
snickers ice cream
5lbs. grapes

Last weeks shopping trip at Food Lion. Spent $26.46 Saved $40.08

4) boxes tea bags
6) boxes Green Giant Spinach
4) boxes Quaker oatmeal
4) boxes food lion oatmeal
2) cantaloupe
4) boxes Green Giant garden vegetable melody
1) whole chicken
1) head romaine lettuce
1lb. Kale
2lbs. organic carrots
1 lb. cherries
1 banana

Total Spent $38.96
Total Saved $79.14

Not too bad. It could have been better, but I bought some things we actually needed and a few things we didn't (ei; donuts, and the like).

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