Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Food Lion Trip

All of this for only $8.90 a savings of over $120!
We went to Food Lion today to stock up on some of there super deals that I didn't want to pass up. Go here to see a current list of the Food Lion coupons. Here's a break down of what we got.
9) small Glade candles (FREE after coupon)
2) larger Glade candles ($1.50 after coupon)
1) Box Kleenex
2) Hand sanitizer
3) Baby wipes
2) Gauze rolls
1) pt. Starbucks Ice cream
1) Bunch bananas (the kids ate three on the way home)
2) Pineapple Chiquita bites (we ate these in the car)
2) Bottles Starbucks Frapps
1) Canister Oats
1) pkg. wheat Hoggies
1) Cantaloupe
2 1/2lbs. chopped ham
6) sm jars Ragu
2) lg jars Ragu
2) boxes cereal
Retail Value: $131.78 Total after coupons: $8.90

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