Friday, October 16, 2009

Another update

Tuesday we dropped off the kids and made a trip to the hospital. I started having contractions about 11 am and I decided we better go and see what was going on at 1pm and see if they would stop my labor. Once we got there I was having contractions about a three mins. apart. They hooked me all up and checked me, I was 2 cm dilated. They waited an hour and checked again...still 2cm. So we waited another hour, still 2 cm. Finally they decided to let us go home a little after 6pm. At that point I was having contractions about a minute apart but since I wasn't dilating anymore they decided I wasn't in labor and we could go. Around 10pm that night the contractions stopped.

I've had some contractions since then but nothing like Tuesday. I will be 35 wks Sunday so I am hoping she holds out just a little longer. Here are some pictures of the past week.

Me at 34 wks.
Annabelle and Shane watching the goats.

Annabelle and Levi looking at the chickens.

Levi on a hayride to get a pumpkin

The whole family on a hayride to get a pumpkin

Annabelle in fleece pj's

Levi in fleece pj's

Being goofy. Looks just like his daddy!

Look at his cute

Being Silly

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Gen said...

i had contractions like that with miss v for seven weeks...maybe you'll be sorta like me ;)