Monday, September 28, 2009


After missing my camera for a week, I found it yesterday while searching the house for the check book. So now, an update.

Today we went to Raleigh to pick up some raw milk (not all pictured) and other dairy items. Since we were there we stopped into Whole Foods and got a little over 2 weeks worth of groceries. Almost everything we bought was organic and I was really surprised at how cheap everything was. Some things even cheaper than the commissary.

My "baby" in the Moby.

They were playing "catch" although neither one of them actually caught the ball.

See the ball in the top left corner?


Gen said...

that is too funny, the ball on the counter, and the children searching low....too funny!

Mrs. B said...

Gen, the ball is actually in the air...although it does look like it's on the counter in the photo. Annabelle throws it and Levi has to go get it and they do it all over again. It fills my house with laughter and I love that!