Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We've been busy lately and I am trying to enjoy these last few weeks with the kids before we get a new baby! We've been talking a lot about a new baby in mommy's tummy and Annabelle is getting really excited. She's been caring around her babies a lot more lately and got into Levi's closet and found a few leftover Born Free bottles from Levi. She now sits down to feed her baby several times a day. It's really precious, especially since she has done it all on her own without our prompting.
I am now 30weeks. I have been put on light bed rest due to contractions. I am still able to move about, just no lifting, cleaning, or moderate activity. I failed the glucose test, so I will be taking another one this time three hours though :( I am really praying I pass. I am not a candidate for gestational diabetes. I am not overweight, I'm active, and I don't eat too terrible bad. It's upsetting for sure.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of our last few weeks.
Feeding her baby
Getting her baby all tucked in

Watching the rain

My two favorite men

Watching Levi and Daddy play

Running back to mommy after daddy put him in the water

My favorite little boy digging away

The beautiful Beach

The kids yummy bento

The Man's Bento

And my candida diet friendly bento


MolleenCarie said...

Great update, and I'm praying for your ctx to stop and that you don't have GD!

Mrs. B said...

Thank You!!!

sal said...

are you still wanting to know about the GAPS results? let me know, it was completely worth it!