Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Sept Challenge 30 days of nothing...

Life has been busy these past few days. The hubby came home, we got a new bike trailer (which means we've been riding a lot more) and the start of this whole Sept. Challenge!

While we won't be going without "nothing" we will be cutting back. My goal is to spend much less this month and eat up all the yucky food that's been sitting in my cupboards for a while now. What I mean by "yucky" is all the processed junk I have got free with coupons. In Oct. I have to start my "diet". It's not a real "diet" but a change in eating habits to prevent yeast, so hopefully by God's grace I can breastfeed this little baby without pain. But, more on that later.

This weeks menu:

English muffins, eggs, strawberries, milk
Leftovers, water
Corn chowder, bread, fresh veggie platter with homemade ranch, tea

Waffles, strawberries, milk
fish sticks, corn, salad, water
Pot luck dinner at bible study (make cake)

Pancakes, bacon, eggs, milk
Chicken pot pie, water
Steak, rice, corn on cob, tea

Oatmeal/cereal, milk
Potluck after church

waffles, sausage, milk
grill cheese, soup, water
hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, yogurt pie, watermelon, tea

Biscuits, eggs, milk
leftovers, water
sausage and peppers, tea

cereal, milk, bananas
leftovers, water
tuna casserole, tea

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