Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eating on the agenda

Eating is always on our agenda! Perhaps that's why I clean the kitchen almost 3 times daily. Someone is always asking for lunch or a snack. Lunch is every meal in our least Annabelle thinks so. There is no breakfast or dinner its all lunch.

Almost a daily fare, smoothies made with kefir, milk, strawberries with the tops on, and 2 bananas
Levi enjoying his long waited smoothie, he whines every morning till he gets a cup in his hand
Annabelle sipping away on hers

This mornings breakfast, pancakes with local peaches and maple syrup

Shane's lunch in another one of our many bento boxes. Teriyaki beef and chicken with rice (I made him two rice hearts with our rice mold), Mandarin oranges, rice and tomatoes, and a Mocha cake roll.


Tracey C. said...

Did you make the mocha cake roll? It looks good!

Mrs. B said...

haha... I wish. I bought it from a local japanese market.