Friday, June 19, 2009

The Market....aka..the Grocery Store

We have been regularly going to the grocery store via bike and trailer for about 2 weeks now(sshhhh....don't tell Shane). Annabelle asks to go everyday, that girl LOVES to shop. I generally end up caving in about every 3 days. I can always think of something we need. They seem to go through about a gallon of milk every two or three days and that doesn't count the milk we use for making yogurt, kefir, and buttermilk. Plus fruit is in season (well some of it) so we have been gobbling it up! As you can see, really there is always something to it was strawberries and dark chocolate for some more chocolate covered strawberries!

In the trailer ready to go

Our Loot, in my African market basket, purchased by my dear husband. No need for plastic bags.
Crying cause she couldn't eat the bittersweet dark chocolate we bought.

Deciding to give up asking for chocolate and go play with Levi

My son, always the happy one....well sometimes.

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