Monday, June 15, 2009

Levi aka Heidie's Birthday

Yummy cupcakes!Don't you just love how he holds it with one hand.....

All done!

For those of you who don't live near, Heidie has been Levi's name for several months now. Annabelle went from calling him baby Vi (when he was first born), to hihi (for a long time), to now Heidie since he was about 9months old. Almost everyone we know calls him Heidie as well. His daddy is the only one who consistently calls him Levi.....he hates Heidie, and will always correct Annabelle...LOL. And unfortunately I think that name will be around for along time.

Levi's Birthday was a month ago....for those who forgot. I thought it was about time I should put some pictures up of the little guy. We didn't do anything big cause his Daddy left the day before and Levi was just happy to get a cupcake...not to mention a few trucks and trains.

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