Sunday, March 2, 2008

The dress....

I bought this dress shortly after we moved here. I loved it, but I wanted to wait until the weather was perfect to wear it. I ended up wearing it to church this morning...even though the weather isn't perfect. I am getting a little too big, and only have about two shirts that now cover my belly : / and only about one skirt that fits. Having said that, I pulled out this dress, so the people at church won't think I have only one outfit...haha...even though I do ;) This dress will be passed on to a dear friend here shortly. It wouldn't be easy to nurse in so I don't think I will be wearing it anytime within the next year or two.

By the way, I have had three people come up to me this morning telling me that they didn't know I was pregnant. Hmmmm... Wonder if they thought I was still carrying around all that "baby fat" from Annabelle...I sure hope not.

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