Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Family Table

It is very important for us to sit together as a family and have our meals together. I "try" and I so mean "try" because it doesn't always happen as I would hope for, to make it special. Since I send my husband out in the morning with breakfast and coffee in his hand and lunch packed away in the other we only get to share one meal with him, dinner. He loves to come home to a yummy smelling house and a nicely set table with dinner waiting just for him. I must say that I have been slacking a lot in this area. Table clothes only seemed to get used once before a new one MUST be placed on the table. Since our daughter now eats at the table, it can get a little messy. Although we are very proud of her, because she is learning to use a plate well, its the forks and spoons that generally make the mess. = /

I encourage you to set your table tonight and make it special for your family. It makes eating at home a lot more fun!

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WisdomBuilders said...

You have a very sweet blog. I am just beginning this tradition with eating dinner at the table with my own family.