Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Going Organic

When we decided to "go organic" we also wanted our water to be as pure as possible. Since pesticides and other harmful substances can get into the water it was important to us to get a good water filter. I am glad we did since there is all this talk of drugs found in public water this past week.

We decided to go with the Berkey Light Water Filter. We have now had this about a month and I must say I LOVE IT! It works great. It holds about 2 gallons which last us a day. I fill it up every night before we go to bed and in the morning we have 2 gallons or fresh water.

There are other filters out there that are less expensive, and we have used some of them. But this is by far one of the nest purchases we have made.


Tammy said...

We bought one of these a couple months ago - it is just wonderful! Enjoy!

Mrs. B said...

Yes, it is!