Friday, March 28, 2008

Eating from the pantry

An easy way to save money is to make sure you aren't throwing away food just because it "went bad". After cleaning our pantry I found lots of foods that were on there way to "going bad". So for the most of this month we will be eating from the pantry, fridge, and freezers.

This will save us lots of money in what could have been lost food. Also it will give me lots of money to go on a huge shopping spree to stock our pantry back up.

For our little family of three we have a grocery budget of $160. If I am able to go almost all month without going to the store then I can combine April and May's grocery budget for a total of $320. I have never spent this much money at the store! But we need to stock up on oats, wheat, and corn....all of which I will buy in 50lb. bags.

This will enable us to continue eating from out pantry for months to come. Plus with the price of grain going up, I would really like to stock up now.

I will be posting our daily menu for the next month so you can see how we are doing eating from our pantry.

Today's Menu

Breakfast: Oatmeal, Peach and Banana Smoothie, Banana

Lunch: Mac and Cheese with Tuna

Dinner: Leftover Buffet


Sonshine said...

I totally agree!! I love saving $$$ on groceries by eating from my pantry/freezer/fridge stock up!

Last night is a good example, I made chicken rice soup using leftovers from my fridge!! :)

I am going to bookmark your site so I can see what menus you come up with!! :) I might find an idea or two! :)

AmyR said...

All that cleaning you're doing is great! I need to clean out the cabinets and 'find' the hidden/lost food! Thanks for the tip! : )

Mom2fur said...

If you go to, there is an 'ingredient search' option. I use this a lot when I need to use up things from the fridge or pantry. Taste of Home's website also has an advanced recipe search that lets you plug in ingredients.
In fact, I need to take a look at what I have on hand to make my plans for next week by 'using up and making do'!

Kate said...

What a great plan. I pray God blesses you throughout the month with creativity so that you reach your goal of having $320 for your next grocery trip. What an awesome job you would be able to do of stocking up then. Have fun with it! I know how challenging it can be, but also how satisfying and fulfilling to see what you are able to come up with.