Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Going Organic

How toxic is your home??

Did you know that 'Dishwashing Detergent' is one of the most TOXIC cleaners in our homes?!?!?! Luckily for us, we don't have a dishwasher...or does that make us unlucky?
Here is part of an article stating so...to read the whole article visit : http://freedomyou.com/nutrition_book/d/dishwashing_detergent/
"The Center of Science in Public Interest revealed that dishwashing detergents have caused more household poisonings than any other cleaning product in the home. Nearly all dishwashing detergents contain naphtha, a fuel used in camping stoves. Naphtha is a central nervous system depressant. Other high-tech cleaning agents included are diethanolsamine which is a liver poison, and chlorophenylphenol which is a toxic metabolic stimulant. Chlorine is a poison present in nearly all dishwashing detergents. When washing your dishes, these chemicals are being released into your breathing space. "
We were using 'Dawn Dish Foam" to wash our dishes....I got about 15 of these on sale for .25 6 months ago.
We do still have about 5 left and after those are gone we are switching to 'Seventh Generation Dishwashing Liquid' I found these on sale for $2.49 a couple of weeks ago and had some $1.00 off coupons so I bought two. These are big bottles and should last at least a couple of months. Hopefully I will see them on sale again and have some coupons then as well so I won't have to pay full price.
If you are looking for coupons for 'Seventh Generation' Products visit their website:
On the side bar you will see a category that says coupons. From there you can print multiple coupons. Target generally sells their products, if you can't find them at your local store.


Donielle said...

I've been using Seventh Generation dish and laundry soap for some time and love it! The cheapest I've seen it is at Walgreens. Which works great for me since I shop there a lot for the rebates and register rewards. With the coupons and such, I've gotten it for free many times.

I have a dishwasher (thank the Lord, I finally have one!) and use vinegar as a rinse aid. Now I no longer worry about what chemicals get left behind on my little peanuts sippy cups.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing I had no idea about the dishwashing detergent.


MrsMelody said...

Thanks for sharing that article. I tried the 7th Generation dishwasher detergent, but it just didn't seem to get the dishes clean enough. :(

I look forward to reading more as you make healthy changes in your life.

Melody L