Tuesday, April 8, 2008


From time to time, I have people ask us, how we do it! We live on only $1905.04 a month. We have a budget and most of the time we stick to it. Below is our budget for a family of three with one on the way.

2008 Budget
Tithe- $195
Rent- $600
Electric- $170
Water- $70
All phones- $120 (includes cell phone and Internet)
Van Pmt- $200 (this includes $30 extra that we pay each month)
Ins.- $95
Gas- $120
Groceries- $160
Shane's Allowance- $50 (He uses his allowance to buy any military equipment, clothes that he needs)
Katie's Allowance- $20
Clothes- $20
Entertainment- $20
Savings- $60
Total: $1900
We put all extra money we may receive either into savings or towards our van payment. Our goal is to have the van paid off by 2009.
Our medical insurance is through my husbands job, which is free for us and pays 100% of all medical bills. Any Rx's we may need are only a couple dollars for a co-pay. We rarely ever have any Rx's so this isn't something we budget for, instead we take this out of the grocery budget.
Dental insurance, life insurance, and savings bonds are taken out of his check, so we never see this money.

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