Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Going Organic...

Its been a while since I have done a "Going Organic" post. While we get some things organic, I don't make it an idol. With "earth day" coming up, I am seeing a lot of folks who are more worried over "mother earth" than Father God! There is no "mother earth", only Father God! I do want the best for my family and I want us all to be eating healthy. There are ways to eat healthy even if you can't afford organics.

We have a very modest grocery budget of $160 a month, which includes toiletries and dog food. I can get most things we need that isn't food from CVS for free....we haven't bought toilet paper in over a year, and still have a garage full. (Thank you Lord!) A trick to saving money is going to the store LESS, unless you are just super good and only get whats on your list....ahemmm...that isn't me, so the less I go the less I spend on things we don't really need.

If you make everything possible from scratch, you not only save money but are feeding your family more healthy foods! I try and make all of our bread from scratch ( I haven't done this in a while, because I am trying to stay off my feet). I have been making 3 dozen muffins a month, all in one day. This only takes about an hour and gives us a freezer full for the little one. It makes a quick breakfast when you add a banana and a glass of milk. I make all of our bread and muffins with no sugar and use only whole wheat flour. Sometimes its organic if I get it on sale otherwise its just the King Arthur brand flour.

I only buy organic butter, I will pay the $5 a lb. to me it is worth it and since we don't use a lot it doesn't break the budget. Some other things we get organic is pasta sauce, our commissary has this for .79. Its Hunt's brand and a "traditional" sauce in a tin can. It works because we can easily add garlic and a small amount of ground beef.

When buying our groceries I always look for an organic version for whatever I am buying. You will be surprised that some organics are actually cheaper than the conventional product or very close in price. If that's the case I go with the organic product. I am always on the look out for organic coupons as well. I have gotten really good deals before using coupons for organic items and gotten the item for just pennies.

I hope this helps you when you are deciding whether or not to make the organic switch. We feel blessed that we have freezers and cupboards full of food, organic or not. There are many people around the world who aren't as blessed, especially with food prices rising. Some people spend 75% of there income on food! We spend about 12% of our income on food and we can feed our family well, with healthy foods and a stocked pantry.

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