Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stocking the Pantry!

Ok, I know I have been talking a lot about my pantry. Bare with me. This is part of the nesting phase, ans soon we will have a baby and you won't hear about my pantry for another year or so. ;) I got all of the above for just over a hundred dollars. Using coupons and shopping at our commissary makes this possible. I can get brand name products cheaper than what the generic cost at Walmart.

After being put away this is what my now stocked little pantry looks like.

This is our bigger pantry, although it is bigger in size the bottom half is taken up by a water heater, actually making it much smaller since there is only two shelves for items to go.

We made another trip to the store this week for flour. I have been trying to order wheat berries in for a month and can't seem to find anyone that has any in stock. I've looked online and at our local stores. The store near me says they have been trying to find some for two months now, but everyone seems to be out. So we went to the store and bought about 20 5lb. bags of whole wheat flour. It is actually much cheaper to buy it this way, but you don't get all the nutrients you do from grinding your own wheat.

Besides flour we stocked up on pasta, with the wheat shortage it didn't occur to me that this too would go up, but one brand of pasta at our store went up .50 from last month.

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Thingish Things said...

Hi Katie! This is Lauren- I used to be on the MIH group. I subscribed to your blog a while back, but haven't had the chance to check in until now. I'm glad that I did! Seeing your pantry motivated me. :)