Monday, April 14, 2008

Its never ending!

Ok, I need lots of motivation! I have been cleaning forever it seems. I am in "de-cluttering" mode right now. With spring upon us and a new baby coming soon, I feel the need to CLEAN! Although with our little house not everything has a place, so this means some things need to go. Even though I spend hours in one room cleaning, it still isn't satisfactory to me. Not sure if that's the nesting part or not.
Bare with me as I will be posting more cleaning pictures throughout the week. It helps me to know that I am liable to someone or something. Then I HAVE to clean, no way of getting around it.

Mrs. Breyers is hosting an anti-procrastination week over at The Pantry

If you want feel free to join us and many others as we take this challenge!

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