Thursday, April 17, 2008

Safe Plastics??

If you are paying any attention to the news I am sure you have heard a lot about plastic safety in the last few months. In what I have read and seen, one source says a certain "number" is safe while another source says it isn't . I have come to the conclusion that we will start phasing plastics out of our house, starting with plastic cups! We have made the switch to all glass for us, but for the littles they still have plastic. Our daughter doesn't do "sippy" cups but rather uses a straw. I haven't yet found one that is either glass or metal.

Glass storage containers are expensive, so we will be buying these gradually as our budget allows. There are a few places were you can buy stainless steel "sport bottle" type cups. Of course plastic is the cheap version of all of these but instead of having a cabinet full of plastic ones, one or two stainless steel cups will do. I always carry a bottle of water with us when we go anywhere, two if hubby is going (he drinks mucho amounts of water and isn't good at sharing!).

To see if your plastics are safe go here.

If you are looking for baby bottles or sippy cups born free is a good resource.


rebeccahuff said...

I originally came here from Frugal Friday. But I wanted to comment on the plastics. It's a good idea to phase them out. We did too, and one very cheap and easy way to have small drinking glasses is to buy a case of little jelly jars in the canning aisle. We did this and then I used craft paint that was suitable for glassware and I let everyone "personalize" their own. This way they only used one all day (unless they drank milk) and they could tell whose is whose and they LOVE them. Its cheap and easy.
Rebecca Huff

Mrs. B said...

Thanks! What a good idea, especially since we have 4 cases of these.