Friday, April 11, 2008

Child Activities

Since Annabelle is getting older we are adjusting our schedule to make more time for child activities. Something that we have done since she was 3 months was let her watch a reading video. She loves this and we do it every morning just after breakfast. After that's done with she has about an hour to play before I put her back down for a mid morning nap. She is getting better about playing by herself during this time, so I can either clean up our breakfast dishes and get lunch somewhat started. She will sleep from about 9:30 to 11:30 and then its time for lunch. After lunch I have nothing planned. So its just free playtime. She is acting like she wants more structure during this part of her day. My struggle is what do you do with a 13 month old child? We play together with her toys, but there is only so long I can sit on the floor, and sometimes its hard to get back up.
I plan to start reviewing her ABC's daily with the ABC bible memory book.
We have tried "coloring" and she seems to want to bang the crayons together more than "color".
Any ideas for activities?

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maybe you can stop by and comment on homeschooling for some of us thinking about it