Saturday, August 22, 2009

Amazon Subscribe and Save

A case of sucanat we recently got from

A huge money saver that I have found recently is Amazon's Subscribe and Save program.

Buying real, organic food can be a challenge sometimes. It costs more and it's not always easy to find. Two things we buy regularly are sucanat, and maple syrup. I prefer organic, especially for the maple syrup since the non organic versions have been found with formaldehyde in them....YUCK! This is where comes in. When buying with there Subscribe and Save program you get 15% off and FREE shipping....what's not to love about that?
At our co-op Organic Maple Syrup is a little over $30 per 32oz. bottle, with its $22.74. We get this brand.
Organic Sucanat is $4.72 per 1 lb. package.'s price for the same exact brand is $3.00 per lb. I buy this brand.
And remember shipping is free!


Angela said...

Do you have any large maple trees in your yard? If you do and you are in zone 6 or lower, you should be able to tap them for some seriously organic maple syrup.

They have to be 12" diameter (minimum) so they have to be decently big.

Mrs. B said...

I wish! I read your story about the "old" folks next door to you. How awesome that would be. But, we are a military family and we rent. No maples, just lots of pine.

Gen said...

I really dislike amazon, but this seems great...thanks for sharing!