Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Commissary Trip

I needed just a few things, but had a rebate for $20 back when you spend $50....so I bought some things to add to our stockpile.

For $59.45 we got: Plus I will also get $20 back!
1) head Romaine Lettuce
3lbs. onions
organic celery hearts
2lbs. green beans
2 bananas
6 oranges
4 ears corn
1 head cauliflower
3 zucchini
2 squash
1 pint blueberries
2 pkgs Swiss cheese ($1Q)
1 pkg Munster cheese ($1Q)
4 bags croutons
2 boxes fish sticks (free after coupons)
1lb coffee ($1 Q)
5lbs. organic unbleached wheat flour
pepperidge farm cookies ($1Q)
4lbs. raw honey
1lb organic sour cream (free after coupon)
8 pkgs peanut butter crackers (free after coupons)
real bacon bits
1 1/2lbs. organic butter
6 cans biscuits (free after coupon)..buy the grands Jr and use the $1/2 coupon!
organic relish ($1Q)
organic jam ($1Q)
2) single serve Starbucks ice cream (its soooo good)
1) pint. Haagen dazs ice cream
1) bottle BBQ sauce
5) cans organic veggies (used $2Q)
3) cans fruit
6oz. almonds (used $1Q)
After coupons I saved $32.00 with the rebate it will be $52.00!
Most of the coupons I used can be found here.

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