Thursday, August 20, 2009

Grocery store trips

Yesterday my husband volunteered to take Annabelle shopping with him. She was really excited! Since he was already out and I planned on going to the store today, I suggested that he drop me and the little boy off while he and Annabelle ran his errands. He then proceeded to tell me he would take both kids with him so I could go at it alone. I was a little surprised and didn't think he knew what he was getting himself into! He said if I do it, he can too. Probably true, but I never take my kids clothes shopping with me, especially the little boy. Finally, he dropped me off at the store, by myself. Two hours later (I was done about a hour before) he showed back up with Starbucks in hand, a treat he knows I love. He loaded the groceries in the van for me and off we went back home. He said the kids were good!...WHAT? Why aren't they ever good for me?
Here's what I got:
Food Lion: Spent:$1.23 Saved:$22.40


Spent: $34.41 Saved:$63.25

I also get to send in for a $10.00 Rebate!

The best part of the trip is when I found many .50 off coupons for any Starbucks ice cream! They have the little ones for .50 each. I bought a case of them, and after coupons they were FREE! And the 22 packages of tuna they paid me to take home, .25 per pouch!


Sarah said...

Wow, great shopping trips. My girls are always better with daddy too.

Mrs. B said...

Thanks. Why is that?!?!

Steph @ Annoyingly Domestic said...

What a nice treat! And I love hearing about your commissary trips because I'm so new at this whole thing - mil life as well as couponing/thrifty shopping. LOL

Mrs. B said...

Steph- The commissary is wonderful! Not only are the prices so much cheaper, but when using coupons you actually get to keep the overage if there is any.

Steph @ Annoyingly Domestic said...

I, stupidly, never paid any attention to prices while grocery shopping. Once I started, I was flabbergasted by the savings. Even in our tiny little commissary! My first coupon trip was at our commissary and while not a huge savings, I did manage to knock off 20%. For a first timer, that was plenty to get me hooked. We'll see how I do this weekend. :p

Angela said...

Wow. You're a great shopper. I love to see people buy healthy things and still get a great deal.

Anonymous said...

can you please share with me how you manage to buy all that for $1.23? I cut coupons and am learning how to save as much money as possible. Any additional tips would be greatly appreciated.