Monday, August 3, 2009

Annabelle's first day of "school"

Today was the start of our "school" year with Annabelle. We have been teaching her colors and letters for about a month. She really seems to enjoy it, and she is actually learning! So I set out to find some "preschool" work for her to do. I ordered 123 preschool projects. It's already put together by day and gives lots of hands on work. We hope she really learns from this, but if least she had fun, and that is what really matters when your two.

Today was letter X day. We made an x-ray man. We started out with a blank sheet of red paper. Then she glued on two x's an upper case and lower case x. Then the man, and mommy put some glue on the arms and legs and she put the q-tip bones on. After that mommy made some x's on paper and I asked her to also make some x's......she tried, but we really didn't get an x. It was fun none the less.

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