Friday, August 21, 2009

Green Smoothies and more

I decided to get up with hubby this morning at 5am. There were several things I wanted to get done before the kids got up at 6:30.....yep, they are early risers.

How my day started out

Last night's grocery loot so I can make our first ever green spent just shy of $6

The ingredients I used to make our Green Smoothies

Blending the fruit first

Adding three handfuls of spinach

The end result. We each had a glass, Levi was done with his first, then drank the rest of Annabelle's

Then we went out to hang some diapers

The verdict on the smoothies: They were actually good! I was really surprised! I have read about them for about two years now but thought, yuck! I am glad I finally caved in and tried them. It will become a treat we have several times a week. I was also equally surprised that the kids liked it. I didn't use any sweeteners and it was sweet and didn't taste anything like spinach.


Steph @ Annoyingly Domestic said...

Mmm...I'm now in the mood to dirty up the blender. :p I haven't added spinach to my smoothies, but will have to try it this week.

Mrs. B said...

You will not regret it! I couldn't even taste it and I like knowing I recieved some extra iron in the process, especially since I am pregnant.

ckl616 said...

So what fruit did you use? I see and recognize the banana - LOL!!! But I couldn't tell what the other things were??? And it's awesome that your kids drank it - WOW!!!

Angela said...

You must have a great blender! I always have to add the spinach first or I get "flakes".


Mrs. B said...

I used two bananas, a Dole frozen mixed fruit (strawberries, mango, peaches, and pineapple), and two fresh pineapple chucks I got free (they are what's in the package). Three handfuls of spinach and just a little water to blend.

Angela- I have a Bosch belnder/mixer. I think it's 800watts! It will even grind grain into flour....although I use the grain mill mostly for that unless I am doing corn, or a blender batter.

ckl616 said...

Thanks - I've tried frozen fruit before but it was never good to eat straight up...always mushy and only good for smoothies. But I bet the Dole frozen fruit is better, as well as I like the mixture! We haven't gotten brave enough to add the spinach yet. DH said it's not worth ruining a perfectly good smoothie ~ LOL! I have to say I almost agree with him! But now you've encouraged me! BTW ~ I'm Cheryl from the MIH BB. I've tried to reply before but I could never remember what my 'sign on name' was - Ha!

Mrs. B said...

Cheryl- Hey girl. I remember you. Oh, please try it. It took me 2 years to be brave enough and I am glad I finally caved in. Because I don't even norice a taste difference. We never eat frozen fruit, unless it's with oatmeal. It is mushy and well, not so great. But we have over 40lbs. of frozen fruit just for smoothies, and some blueberries, for muffins, and for making syrup.

Kristen's Raw said...

Yum Yum Yum! I love green smoothies. They're a staple in my husband's and my life.

Cheers to Greens,