Monday, August 10, 2009

Food Lion and CVS

Food Lions trip from today and CVS' trip from Sun.

All this for under $7
Under $3
The best deals were the diapers and organic raisins. Raisin's were about .79 each after coupons. Can't beat that! I don't think I will never need to buy oatmeal again. Well for two years anyway. We have a little over 30lbs now.


MolleenCarie said...

Great deals!

And I see you have more juice, LOL. I know where to go if I get thirsty. ;)


Sarah said...

Wow that is amazing. Were do you get all your coupons?

Mrs. B said...

Molleen...haha. Well, the hubby drinks a lot of OJ.

Sarah- I get my food lion coupons from an e-mail they send out. Sign up your MVP card on there website and you will recieve coupons every Wed.