Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting adjusted..

My living room has looked like this for almost a week now since the man has been home. We come home to sleep and that's about it. The house was a huge mess. My wonderful husband cleaned it for me while I took a nap. He even did laundry! Sometimes he amazes me.

This little guy is finally out of the hospital. He still has lots of Dr.'s appts. ahead of him and tests to be done. I am trying to get used to writing down everything that goes into his mouth. Sometimes it can be a challenge since Annabelle feeds him without me knowing it. This little girl is well, a little girl. She loves being back home were she can play with all 10 pairs of shoes she has, not to mention the purses, necklaces, and yes stickers.

While the man was getting ready for work this morning, Annabelle and I ran to the store real quick. We got all this from Food Lion for $1.86...total savings, $23.21

Our CVS trip from the other day. I ended up spending about $10. More than I wanted too, but I needed the infant Tylenol.

All in all, I am trying to get back on a routine. The kids are loving being home. Which is a good thing, because generally they just want to go, go, go....wonder where they get that from.


MolleenCarie said...

Oh, I am so glad Levi is home! Praise the Lord! Continued prayers for a diagnosis and healing.

And congrats on another great run at FL! :)

Mrs. B said...


Gen said...

so glad to hear levi is back home...prayers for recovery and wellness headed your way. :)